Aseania Resort Pulau Besar, Johor, Malaysia. – South China Sea

Aseania Resort Pulau Besar, Mersing, Johor, Malaysia, a 3-star resort, is one of the Premier Island Resorts in Malaysia. Aseania Resort Pulau Besar is located on Pulau Besar (Besar Island), one of the finest islands on the South China Sea off the coast of Mersing, Johor, Malaysia. The island is located within a marine park with crystal clear water ideal for snorkeling, diving, water sports activities and it is indeed the paradise resort.

Pulau Besar (Besar Island) is among a string of beautiful islands on the South China Sea off the East Coast of Johor, Malaysia. The Island is only 13 km(8 miles) form Mersing and a leisurely boat ride to the resort takes about an hour.

Besar Island, Johor Malaysia is most famous for it part as one of the location and accommodation for the filming of the Expedition Robinson series. In the year 2005, it has been the seventh season where Expedition Robinson took place at Besar Island, Malaysia and islands round it. When you visit Besar Island you get to see the locations and exhibits of the Expedition Robinson.

Due to the monsoon and the North East Wind from the South China Sea, we are closed yearly for maintenance from 01 November until 31 January the following year and are subject to changes depending on the conditions of the sea.

Welcome to Aseania Pulau Besar Resort Malaysia, your gateway to a memorable holiday on the Paradise Island of Pulau Besar.

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